What is CP204 and CP204A?

February 17, 2023


What is CP204 and CP204A?

  • CP204 is a form for submission of estimated tax payable for next financial year. Company (Sdn Bhd) and Limited Liability Partners (LLP) are required to submit the CP204 form via e-Filing.
  • The adjustment form for CP204 is called the CP204A This form is used to amend or revise the amount of the estimated tax payable declared in CP204.


When do we need to submit CP204 and CP204A?

  • Submission of CP204 must be 30 days before the start financial year for the year of assessment.
  • The company needs to submit Form CP204A for the amendment of the tax estimate amount. The period of tax estimate amendment is on the 6th or 9th month of the Financial year for a year of assessment. For example, Company’s financial year end is on Nov 2021, you should submit CP204A on May 2022 or August 2022.


What happens for Non-Submission CP204?

  • Tax payer who fails to submit CP204 will be penalized with a fine of RM 200 – RM 2000 or face imprisonment for a term no longer than 6 months, or both.


What happens for Late Payment of CP204?

  • Tax payers who are late in making the payment for CP204 will be penalized by having a 10% penalty imposed on their balance of unpaid tax.


What happens for Underestimated of CP204?

  • If the tax payable exceeds the estimation by more than 30%, the difference is subjected to a 10% penalty.

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