What is Secretary Retainer Fee

September 8, 2023


What is Secretary Retainer Fee

Secretary Retainer Fee

In Malaysia, secretary retainer fee is the fee that company secretary firm will charge for the basic company secretarial service provided, it could be on monthly, quarterly, semiannually or annually. Generally, this fee does not cover any services provided by your ‘s company secretary, except for maintaining compliance with the Companies Act 2016.

In the secretarial field, we offer valuable incorporation packages and services. All essential services, including compliance advising will be provided.
BP-AST is more to an advisory service:

  • Advice the company and the board to compliance with statutory requirement.
  • Provide advice on secretarial support service according to company situation.
  • As an official liaison party for the company between government bodies, banker, lawyer, auditor, tax agent and other professional body.


Frequent Ask Question (FAQ)

  1. What is the difference between company secretary and In house secretary?
    Company secretary (CS) is an essential member of the company’s management, and it is a legal requirement that a secretary be appointed after the company’s incorporation. CS didn’t limit service for a company. A public CS could serve multiples company. But In house secretary purely provide service to a particular company as a secretarial department.
  2. Why choose a CS compare to In house secretary?
    Cost-effectiveness. Engaging a CS is often more cost-effective compared to hiring an In house secretary. This is because the company only needs to pay for the services rendered by the CS as and when required, whereas an In house secretary would require a monthly salary, benefits, and other employment related costs.
  3. What is important to have a CS?
    A CS is responsible for the efficient administration of a company. He or she needs to ensure compliance with the statutory and regulatory requirements and at the same time carries out duties or instructions made by the board of directors. A CS also acts as a mediator between shareholders and directors.
  4. Why appoint BP-AST as your CS?
    BP-AST is an all-in-one accounting firm offering professional accounting, taxation, company secretarial, seminar and business advisory services, making it the perfect partner for entrepreneurs. Through its exceptional market insight, BP-AST has helped many companies optimize their positioning and processes to become more competitive in the marketplace. Mr. Raymen Lee, the Principal Consultant and Director, is a Chartered Accountant Worldwide (CAW) and Master In Business Administration (MBA) holder who has provided many companies with the right solutions to take their business performance to the next level.


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